Heimland – Forfedrenes Taarer CD


01. Doedens Foerstning
02. Ved Doedens Vugge
03. Lagt i Ruiner
04. Iskald Raatten Jord
05. Forfedrenes Taarer
06. Skugger fra ei Svunnen Tid
07. Ættestupet

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Digipack CD limited 300 copies

Formed in 2016, Norway’s HEIMLAND are a band out of time. Despite their apparent “newness” and year of formation, HEIMLAND harken back to ancient times – specifically, the golden age of Norwegian black metal, and particularly its more pagan variants. Be it equally early Enslaved, Windir, Helheim, Einherjer, or Kampfar, HEIMLAND similarly maintain an epically inclined and soothingly harsh sound.

Swift and succinct at 35 minutes, the seven-song Forfedrenes Taarer takes the listener across myriad landscapes – desolate tundra, raging seas, bloody battlefields, solemn castle keeps – with an ever-roiling and authentic physicality that spans searing speed and grim marches alike. What’s more, HEIMLAND are not afraid of a bit of melody, downcast and dreary it may be; even amidst that sometimes-hypnotic speed, its textures create a cool rippling effect that should be familiar (and enticing) to those who’ve peered deeper beneath black metal’s oft-impenetrable exterior.

Artwork painting by Johan Christian Dahl – Kirkeruiner, Avaldsnes (1813)
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andreas Fosse Salbu of SEPULCHER / REPTILIAN

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